MRI/CT Scanning

Burgess Diagnostics is the UKs leading providers of mobile imaging. 

Over the last eight years they have strived to bring MRI and CT scanning procedures previously reserved for human medicine into the veterinary industry. There are now over 46 established and accessible scanning sites over the UK and Rainsbrook Veterinary Group Ltd are pleased to be one of them (at our 83 High Street, Hillmorton, Rugby, CV21 4HD surgery).

Who writes the reports?

You can of course just receive the images themselves but we use a company called VETCT to report on them. Their team of dedicated specialists are all diplomats of the European or American Diagnostic Imaging Colleges (DipECVDI or DACVR) who all strive to provide  more than just a diagnosis, they also aim to help educate colleagues and raise the standard of veterinary diagnostic imaging. Reports contain images from the MRI/CT sequence with the areas of interest pin pointed and described. Clinical reports turnaround is usually within 24 hours, but sooner if marked urgent. These will be emailed directly to you.

How to refer: If you are interested in referring a case to us for Advanced Imaging or have any questions please e-mail us on mri@rainsbrook.com or call Simon Daniel on 01788 542221. To make a booking request – download the following form here.

Repeat Prescriptions

Visit our repeat prescriptions page and simply fill in your details and product requirements.