About Us

This veterinary practice was founded over 45 years ago.

David Walker took over in 1985 and was joined by Simon Daniel in 1992, first as an assistant and then as a partner from 1995.

Sian Sharples joined the practice as an assistant in 1999 and became a director in August of 2006.

We are a small animal veterinary practice.

There are two fully equipped surgeries, one in Leamington Spa that also houses a state of the art canine hydrotherapy facilities (VetSwim) which includes a swimming pool and a water walker treadmill, and one in Rugby. There is a further branch surgery also in Rugby at Craven Road.

At each site there is a dedicated team of Veterinary Surgeons, Veterinary Nurses, trained Veterinary Receptionists and Managers.

All of our staff work together as one team striving to provide a professional and friendly service for you and your animals in a relaxed atmosphere.

RCVS Practice Standards Scheme

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) regulates the veterinary profession. This includes individual Veterinary Surgeons and, more recently, the practices in which the veterinary team works.

You might have seen MRCVS after a vet’s name – that means they are a member of the RCVS and qualified to practise in the UK. We are an Accredited Small Animal Practice.

What’s RCVS accreditation

Practices can become accredited under the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme, a voluntary quality assurance programme (Started in 2005).

To be accredited, practices must pass a rigorous inspection carried out by an experienced Veterinary Surgeon. Areas covered include hygiene, health and safety, and the facilities and equipment provided, to name just a few of the many criteria.

  • An accredited practice is inspected every four years
  • It must certify annually that it continues to meet the standards
  • It may be subject to spot-checks between full inspections

What does it mean for me and my pets?

RCVS accreditation means:

  • Peace of mind for you
  • Quality care for your animals
  • Regular inspections for the practice

The Practice Standards Scheme is a voluntary initiative – not all practices are part of it yet. As a client of an RCVS accredited practice, you can rest assured of a high quality of care throughput the practice.

Need more information: Please visit www.rcvs.org.uk/practicestandards.

Repeat Prescriptions

Visit our repeat prescriptions page and simply fill in your details and product requirements.