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PDSA Pet Practice Service

The PDSA exists to care for the pets of people in need.


The PDSA does not receive any government or lottery funding, and is run purely on the donations received from the public.

This practice became a PDSA Pet Practice Service in order to help the pets of people in need in this area as we understand the difficulties people can come up against. However what we primarily believe in is responsible pet ownership, and strongly urge people to think before homing a pet. Can you afford to provide for that animal when it is sick as well as when it is healthy? When you home a pet, its welfare is your responsibility, no one else's.

You need to pre-register as a PDSA Pet Practice client, and if we have not examined your pet before, you will need to arrange for an appointment for a health check with a veterinary surgeon which will cost you £30.31.

In order to register for PDSA Pet Practice Service you must meet the criteria below. You can only register ONE pet (dog, cat, or 'small furry') per HOUSEHOLD.

PDSA Pet Practice Service is available at our Rugby surgeries to pet owners who receive means-tested help with either:

  • Rent
  • or
  • Council Tax 
  • and
  • live in the following postcodes CV21, CV22 or CV23.

You will need to collect a registration form from either our Craven Road, or Hillmorton surgeries, complete this form, provide a postal order payable to the PDSA for £7.50 and provide proof of the above benefits. This form will then be completed by us and sent to the PDSA (before the 22nd each month). You will then be registered at the beginning of the following calendar month.

Once you are registered you will receive a certificate in the post from the PDSA. This must be presented each time you come to the surgery for treatment. If you do not have this certificate at your appointment, you will not be seen.


If you are in genuine financial hardship and cannot bring your pet in for the pre-registration health check, please contact the surgery as alternative arrangements might be able to be made.


The PDSA Pet Practice service does NOT cover the following:

  • Out of Hours consultations or Home Visits
  • Referrals to other veterinary surgeries
  • Preventative treatments - vaccinations, fleaing, worming, neutering, microchipping
  • Costs relating to planned matings (eg. caesarian sections)
  • Attention to stray animals
  • Attention to insured pets
  • Supply of prescription diets
  • Post Mortem examinations
  • Laboratory procedures not essential for diagnosis
  • Private cremations

You will be asked to make a donation of at least 10% of the treatment costs at each visit to the surgery.

PDSA Special Requests.

Special funding is available for cases of emergency only. You can not apply for a Special Request for anything listed in the bullet points above.

An application form will need to be completed, a postal order of £7.50 payable to the PDSA will need to be provided, as well as proof of receipt of the benefits stated above. Special requests CANNOT be made for treatments costing below £25.

The maximum amount you could receive from a Special Request is only £150. Clients will therefore HAVE to pay towards the treatment received.

Once the PDSA has received the Special Request, you will be a registered PDSA Pet Practice client.

Clients using the Special Request service are liable for the outstanding account after the PDSA money has been allocated. If clients do not pay for their outstanding accounts they will be banned from this practice, losing all PDSA PetAid benefits. The debt will then be transferred to our Debt Collection Service for recovery. This process incurs further charges that will be added to the outstanding debt.


PDSA Pet Practice cover can be transferred to another animal if the original pet has passed away, but this can only be done at the renewel date of your certificate, not before.

We, as a practice, reserve the right to ban registered clients should they become abusive, are non-compliant (by refusing to follow treatment advice) or are fraudulent. By registering through the PDSA Pet Practice service you are clients of Rainsbrook Veterinary Group, not of the PDSA and the treatment provided is at our discretion.

Rainsbrook Veterinary Group strongly encourages responsible pet ownership, so if you have decided to home an animal, you must be able to provide for its basic needs, this includes preventative healthcare. Responsible pet owners should be able to ensure their pet is vaccinated, neutered and treated regularly for parasites. These duties are at the owner's own expense.

This being the case, you should obtain all your preventative treatments and veterinary care for all your pets from this practice as a show of commitment.